My Face

This is what I look like. I work for Oracle in Bristol (UK) on Open-Source, Java and Serverless/Cloud infrastructure. Opinions and comments are my own.

I love speaking and teaching and am looking for opportunities to do more of it. Here’s why. The speaker bio I usually use is:

Matthew is a (somewhat) functional programmer who enjoys all kinds of language nerdery.

He currently works on open-source code at Oracle, helping to make Java in the cloud be as good as it can. If not there, you might find him at a local meetup, teaching kids to code, or away from computers hiking and running in Southwest England.

Past lives include OpenStacking, teaching English to highschoolers and a whole lot of Clojure and Java.

If that isn’t suitable then I’m sure we can come to an agreement about some other words. Here are a few of my talks:


Java in a World of Containers (60 mins), Virtual JUG

Serverless Panel w/ Fn, Riff and Kelsey Hightower (video TBC), DevNexus, Atlanta GA USA

Java in Serverless Land (slides, video TBC), DevNexus, Atlanta GA USA

Java in a World of Containers (25 mins), Free Java Room, FOSDEM, Brussels Belgium


Completable Futures and Fn Flow, Bristol JUG, Bristol UK


Hands on with APL, /dev/summer, Cambridge UK


Live Migration at HP Public Cloud, OpenStack Summit, Vancouver Canada